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After much deliberation we have decided to postpone our school holiday program due to commence 2nd April 2020. The health, safety and well-being of all who attend our school holidays program will always be paramount, however we know this is incredibly disappointing news to all of our staff and students. All bookings will be placed on hold and re-scheduled for Term 2 School Holidays later in the year. These are certainly unprecedented circumstances so we’d like to thank you all for your patience and ongoing support as we work through this together. Please email us at of you have any further questions or concerns.



It's business as usual for FOODstyling during this Coronavirus Pandemic. 
Just a reminder to all of our customers that we follow, at all times, diligent food safety practises in our
kitchens and on site at our events. 
All food preparation in our kitchens involves the wearing of hair nets, repetitive washing of hands and the wearing of disposable gloves. These practices are not new to us and our Health Inspectors ensure that our businesses remain compliant. 
One thing that has not been talked about enough in my eyes in all this media hype, is the increased need to wash and dry your fruit and veg at home. People touch, sneeze and cough on fruit and veg in stores and markets. 
Now is the time, more than ever to make sure you wash and re-wash and wipe over and dry your perishable goods, these items can be some of the most highly contaminated, so please remain diligent. 
But remember ......... Do not panic, do not buy all of the toilet paper there is plenty to go around, let’s be extra vigilant with our community, neighbours and the elderly. 
We are here when you need to place your next cake or catering order or book in your next event!